About Us

Ignite was born out of our experience building an analytics team at Rocketrip.  We were generating data faster than we could hire data analysts.  But we had smart colleagues who knew our data, used Excel, and were hungry for more technical skills.  Training them was a win-win-win: they learned cool technical skills, we built out analytics quickly, and the company got happy employees and data talent at a fraction of the cost. 

After receiving awesome feedback, we decided to roll out our first external program.  Since then, we've put together courses for clients from early-stage startups to IPO-ready enterprises.  We approach each course as a partnership, working with the company to create custom content based on their actual data.  Join us in our mission to democratize analytics.



Gina Aylward

Gina is a data analyst at Rocketrip, a YCombinator-backed SaaS startup, where she runs analytics and automates processes across commercial and product teams.  Before joining Rocketrip, Gina developed digital marketing strategies and analytics for a consulting firm.  She combines strong analytical skills with a deep background in teaching, with years of experience leading events, designing curricula, and teaching English Literature in academic environments ranging from the University of Michigan's Center for Research on Learning & Teaching to Shanghai High School, one of the top-ranked high schools in China.  Gina holds Bachelor's degrees in English and Sociology from the University of Michigan, and enjoys volunteering for things she cares about like Data-Driven Ladies and the ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival.

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Forrest Xiao

Forrest is the head of business intelligence at Trustpilot, where he's building a team to extract insights from terabytes of data, then turn those insights into actions.  Prior to Trustpilot, he built out a business intelligence team for Rocketrip, another venture-backed SaaS startup.  Forrest began his career in finance, at Goldman Sachs and AQR Capital (a quant hedge fund), where his responsibilities included investment research and designing multi-asset class strategies for the world's largest institutional investors. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from Washington University in St. Louis, and still enjoys hacking on brain-computer interfaces in his spare time.

Interested in teaching?

We're data-lovers who excel at distilling complex subjects down to clear, concise explanations, whether in classroom settings or work environments.  If you're interested in becoming an instructor for Ignite, please reach out to us at info@ignite.com.