Our Story

Hi, I’m Forrest, the founder of Treads. I'm excited to kick off our blog, where we'll be telling you more about our journey as a company and the people we're helping!

Let's start at the beginning - 2015 - when the seeds for Treads were first planted. I was disenchanted from years of working in finance. Who were we helping and why were we paid so much? I had a feeling the answer was that we were helping ourselves, to money that other people needed. It didn't feel great. So I quit my job to travel the world and figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

Somehow I ended up in Malawi, a sub-Saharan African country and one of the poorest countries in the world. Malawi made a big impression on me - it was a beautiful country with a friendly, strong community, but lots of people were suffering from poverty and the lack of opportunity for work. While I took away a lot from my time there, I also brought back something more tangible - a pair of handmade sandals made from recycled tire treads.

When I got back to the US, people kept asking me about my new sandals. The unique design and bright colors caught peoples' eyes, they appreciated the environment-friendly tire tread soles, and they were really interested in learning more about Malawi. Based on their feedback, I decided to set up our website earlier this year. We can now help people from around the world get these cool sandals, while creating jobs in Malawi to help families rise out of poverty. At the same time, it's neat that Treads are made from recycled tire treads, so help to address the big and growing issue of tire waste.

In the coming days we'll be sharing more about our journey, but more importantly, about people in Malawi who can now live better lives because of you. As always, thanks ("Zikomo" in Chichewa) for your support and for choosing to do something good for the world!