Treads Original

Treads are unique, minimalist sandals handcrafted by local Malawian artisans. Comfortable, sturdy soles are sourced from high-quality tire treads that have been cleaned, recycled, and hand cut for a perfect fit. Two strong upper bands made from handwoven cotton wrap gently around your feet. Your purchase helps create economic opportunity in Malawi, where jobs are difficult to come by. At the same time, each pair of Treads helps protect the environment from tire waste. Thanks for helping make the world a better place!

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Please note that Malawi is a third world country with poor transport, communications, and energy infrastructure. This means delivery times may be longer than you are accustomed to. We estimate your Treads will be delivered within 1 month of ordering, and will send you updates throughout the journey. Thank you for creating a better future for the world!